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Our fabric is used extensively throughout the schoolwear sector.

The polyester viscose fabrics are particularly well suited for Autumn/Winter uniforms as they make up into garments which are soft, comfortable, yet durable enough to withstand wear and tear of the playground. The optional addition of lycra increases comfort, allowing flexibility and ease of movement. A flurocarbon finish is applied as standard to every polyester viscose fabric This means that the life of the garment is extended, with the added benefit of any spills or surface stains easily removed.
For summer uniforms, poly cotton fabrics have become the industry standard. Light-weight, comfortable and durable, our fabrics will complement any school uniform dress code.

Among the serices we offer, is the option for schools to design their own pattern. For example, for boys’ schools, we can dye fabric to a particular shade or weave venetian blazer stripes to create an strong, individual identity. Alternatively, for girls’ schools, house colours can be chosen and used as the primary shades in a tartan check to be made up into skirts or dresses. We offer a free design service which includes CAD artwork, yarn shade samples and expert advice for your design enquiry. We can weave a sample length for garment trials prior to bulk production.

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