Our polyester viscose fabrics are ideal for golf trousers. The fabric is light in weight and a crease resist finish maintains a smart appearance. The addition of lycra allows for flexibility and movement. Plains, checks and stripes are stock supported or our bespoke service enables you to create a design to suit your brand.

Tweeds and plains can be created into jackets suitable for riding and competing. A choice of polyester, poly wool and pure wool in varying weights and classic shades are available in our stock supported range.

A simple flurocarbon finish or the latest Nanosphere® technology provides additional benefits.

The natural non-stick and cleaning process, also known as the self-cleaning effect, is transferred to the surface of textiles by means of nano technology. Compared to traditional textile impregnation processes, NanoSphere® achieves significantly better results with regards to:

– Water and dirt repelling properties
– Oil repelling properties
– Washing permanence

The protective function of NanoSphere® is still retained after frequent use and numerous washing cycles and has no effect on clothing comfort, look, feel, breath ability or elasticity.