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Melton LM100 Range

Marton Mills is proud to introduce a new collection of stock-supported Melton shades, drawing inspiration from earthy and organic tones. Melton’s were first made for hunting cloths, and have since become ubiquitous for overcoats, blazers and uniforms.

Our LM100 Melton range boasts signature drape, crafted through the natural felting characteristics of woollen fibres. These fabrics undergo expert finishing involving a blend of moisture, heat, and movement to ‘mill’ the wool fibres. This process conceals the woven structure of the cloth, leaving a lightly brushed nap that lends the fabric a soft and smooth surface. This unique finish enhances the cloth’s durability and versatility, making it suitable for accessories, apparel, and interiors.

Made from 100% Wool
Weight: 640glm/430gsm
Width: 150cm useable

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LM100 559 Plum
LM100 1127 Maroon
LM100 6053 Navy
LM100 3105 Flintstone
LM100 2061 Waterfall
LM100 2062 Khaki
LM100 560 Caramel
LM100 4044 Buff
LM100 4048 Biscuit
LM100 791 Warm Grey
LM100 4046 Greige
LM100 Natural 2
LM100 Natural