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Kintyre Collection
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New Jura Fabrics – Kintyre Collection & Copper Haze


Kintyre Collection

The designs in the collection are inspired by the Kintyre peninsula on Scotland’s west coast. With its rugged cliffs, serene beaches, and rolling hills draped in heather, this land of ancient castles and historic landmarks is an area with rich history and breath-taking natural beauty.


The transition from dark navy to lighter greys within this design elegantly mirrors the tempestuous seas and ever-changing skies enveloping Kintyre, capturing the dynamic essence of its weather.

JR1405T Kintyre Storm


Areas of warm pinks and purples are combined with deep blues to reflect the warm hues that light up the Kintyre sky during dusk.

JR1406 Kintyre Dusk



A design to illustrate the breadth of flora in the Kintyre region; from common brambles to some of Scotland’s rarest ferns.








JR1407 Kintyre Bramble


From rugged cliff tops to grassy marshlands this design embraces the varied landscapes of Kintyre.

JR1404 Kintyre Fen


Copper Haze

Combining blazing golds and fiery reds alongside natural browns and lush greens results in a design reminiscent of a splendid autumn landscape.

JR1403 Copper Haze

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